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Do you enjoy your savings account?

Did you look at your savings account lately? Do you also get dissapointed of the lack of growth of your money?

We are exploring the financial markets for years now, looking for investments that will make your money grow. We are mainly active in Forex and Crypto. 

We prefer arbitrage trading, because of the low risks and the stable profits.

Do you want to grow your savings without knowledge and experience? Then you have come to the right place.

arbtrade invest


Active in online investment for more than 5 years

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Follow live what happens to your money

Large network

80+ million capital invested worldwide

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Forex arbitrage trading

trading in foreign currencies
A 5 trillion euro market
  • Take advantage of price differences in forex
  • Advanced automated software
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Crypto Arbitrage trading

trading in cryptocurrencies
362 billion dollar market
  • Take advantage of price differences in crypto
  • Advanced automated software

Arbtrade invest for all

Arbtrade invest searches for alternatives for banks with which your savings do pay off.

Banks nowadays render so little interest on savings, that below the line you have to pay for lending your money to them.

This is a shame in view of the many opportunities for getting a return on your savings.

Many people think using savings accounts is safe. But in times of crisis this safety is very limited.

We mainly focus on the forex market. With a daily turnover of more than 5 trillion euros, this is the largest market in the world. We aim at taking a share of that. 

Our experts look for opportunities with relatively low risks and a nevertheless much higher return than a savings account. On our website you find more information that can provide you with more insight.

arbtrade invest

Banks aren't here for you!

arbtrade invest

Banks are commercial institutions that have to make money for their shareholders and not so much for you as a loyal customer and saver.

So, in fact you are backing the bank with your money, and you get little in return, if anything. Even if the bank does make profits with your money.

We work with companies that put your interests first!

Your best interests first

Of course, every company wants to make money. Probably just like you.

The companies we work with have years of experience in the financial sector and employ people with banking experience and expertise.

The main difference between them and a bank is that they link their earnings to your return by charging a commission on the profits they make for you. In a nutshell, they only make money if you make money. As a result, they do their very best for that.

arbtrade invest

Why arbtrade invest?

arbtrade invest

We have been looking for a good alternative to banks for years now. 

By now we have built up a large network in the financial world and we have discovered that the best opportunities exist in currency trading (Forex).

Few people know that this is the largest market, with a worldwide turnover of more than 5 trillion euros per day.

The parties we work with have financial (Forex) products with which they make your money profitable, without you having to do anything for it.

We are always ready to help you on your way.

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