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The purpose of this website is to share our knowledge about reliable investment opportunities with you.

It’s especially about the arbitrage market in Forex and Cryptocurrencies.

Through years of experience we now know quite well what is good and what is not. 

We invest our own money in all the possibilities we write about and are therefore also experienced experts.

about us arbtrading for you

About our founder: Koen Nieuwenhuijs

about us koen nieuwenhuijs

After studying econometrics at the University of Groningen, HTS for petroleum and gas technology at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and mathematics at Holland University of Applied Sciences in Diemen, Koen rolled into the management profession.

He has more than 20 years of work experience at large companies, in many areas, especially management. After dozens of courses and trainings in the field of management, psychology and communication, he followed a postgraduate course in business administration.

From that moment on he started to study the financial markets more and more.

During his search he would have liked to meet people who could have helped him. 

He knows how nice that is. That is why he started this website.

What do others say about arbtrade invest?

Unfairly high costs

Banks take your money, make money with it and you get nothing. Investment funds or providers of savings products take your money and charge high costs, regardless of the amount of your profit or even loss. The most poignant example is usury policies.

Most financial institutions only have one goal, and that is to make money. Your results are less important, and that’s odd.

Surely it would be much more logical if the provider’s profits were linked to the profits he makes for you.

In this way, the provider continues to do his best for you and you enjoy your return every day. Win-win.

about us high costs

Why Arbtrade invest

about us why arbtrade invest

We have built up a large network that is brimming with knowledge of the financial markets. 

We do business with parties that put your interests first. If you make money, they make money too. If you don’t earn anything, they don’t earn anything. That appeals to us.

We go for a long-term relationship. We are available 7 days a week and we like to keep you informed of results and developments.

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Through education and self-development I got where I am now. And in order to stay where I am, and grow even more, it is important that I continue to develop myself. Through education, training, reading and doing I achieve what I have in mind.

Training courses

1982-1990 Athenaeum B

1990-1991 Econometrics, University of Groningen

1991-1996 Gas and Petroleum Technology, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

1996-1998 Mathematics, Diemen University of Applied Sciences

2013-2014 Post HBO Business Administration, NCOI 

Courses and trainings

2002 Talent Development Program, De Baak

2002 Management and Works Council, GITP

2003 Personal Effectiveness, Kweekel

2004 Project management, De Baak

2004 Change management, Kweekel

2004 Effective interaction, Kweekel

2005 Meeting techniques, Horizon

2005 Writing techniques, Boertien 

2005 Personal Effectiveness 2, Kweekel

2006 European procurement, significant

2008 coaching skills, CDC

2008 Advisory skills, CDC

2010-2015 Investment strategy, Binck academy 

2013 Connecting leadership, Leertouwer

Supported by research

In addition to training, we keep abreast of developments in the financial field by following all relevant news.

When writing articles, we always conduct research in the scientific field and in the area of laws and regulations.
We use various sources including: