Manual Crypto Arbitrage Trading

In this manual you will read step by step how to create an account for Crypto Arbitration Trading within minutes.

Create an account

Use the button below to access the registration form. 

Fill in your e-mail address and create a password.

If you agree with all the conditions, tick them before I’m not a robot.

Then click on register.

You will now receive a confirmation email.

Enter the verification code you received.

Click on Verify now.

Your account has now been created.

In the following form you fill in your name and phone number and choose a username.

Attention: You use this name to log in (not your email address!).

Then click on validate.

Deposit money

Your account is ready now.

To deposit money click on start.

Choose how you want to deposit money.

You have a choice of Bitcoin and Monero.

Click the red button below the coin of your choice.

Most people choose bitcoin.

Fill in how much you plan to deposit. This can be in bitcoin and in euros.

Then click on Confirm & display the summary Page.

A unique bitcoin address will be generated especially for your transaction.

If you do not own bitcoin and do not know how to buy it. Please feel free to contact us.

Now indicate how much bitcoin you’re going to deposit.

Copy the address and transfer your bitcoin from your wallet.

Then click on Submit now.

Your deposit will be in your dashboard within 24 hours.

The balance will be shown in euro.

Payouts are made every first of the month, and are made in bitcoin. Please request these before that time.

Do you have any questions, or do you need our help?