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The first step is to create an account. Click on the link below and fill in the form.

You will automatically receive the benefits of


Every financial service provider is obliged to establish your identity.
To do this, you need a copy of your proof of identity and proof of your residential address (this could be, for example, a copy of your electricity bill that is less than 3 months old)..

Start Bonus

100% first deposit bonus

After registering via you will receive a starting bonus of 100%.

So the first month Grinta Invest trades for you with double investment.

This means that you’ll get double the return for the first month.

After this month you’ll keep a bonus of 10% for the first year.

Deposit money

Once your documents have been uploaded, you can transfer money to your account by bank transfer. We will send you an email with your bank details. The minimum starting amount is € 10.000 euro. 

According to European anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism rules it is also necessary to upload a proof of funds. This proves where your money comes from. 
A copy of your last 3 bank statements will suffice.

As soon as Grinta Invest has received your money and your documents have been approved, your account will run. This generally takes 1 to 2 working days.

Performance Fee

30% Performance fee (25% discount!)

Normally you pay a fee of 40% on your profit.

Via you get a discount of 25% and pay only 30%.

With a deposit of 50K or more you are eligible for the VIP plan. 

Ask for the possibilities

Overview of the most important conditions

  • Your total account size for the first year should be € 10.000,- plus the return on this amount.
  • After the first year your account size should always be at least € 10.000,-.
  • Every first month of each quarter the performance fee is automatically settled.
  • You can withdraw money free of charge twice a year.
  • If your total deposit minus your total withdrawals exceeds € 10.000,- then you pay a 30% performance fee.
  • Is your total deposit minus your total withdrawals between € 1.000,- and € 10.000,- then you pay a 40% performance fee.
  • If your total deposit minus your total withdrawals is less than € 1.000,- then you pay a 50% performance fee.

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